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miyuli, February 19th, 2010, 10:59 am ( Reply )

- Haru is not amused XD

Ah, I luv you guys! Thank you for all the favs and your uber-lovely comments! <3<3

Advertisement, July 18th, 2018, 2:49 pm ( Reply )


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Reader Comments:

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Hidden desires...? =D

posted by Silus.S. on February 19th, 2010, 11:23 am

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of course YOU were the one wearing a skirt silly. MERR MORE UPDATES PLEASE!!!

posted by Satu-aka on February 19th, 2010, 11:41 am

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posted by Kiriin on February 19th, 2010, 12:14 pm

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XD What did you expect Haru? You've been playing sweet girl, of course you'd dream about being in a skirt. XD At least you didn't have a huge rack to go with it! Be thankful!

posted by ImaginaryPerson on February 19th, 2010, 12:24 pm

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So fabulous. xD

posted by Siffers on February 19th, 2010, 12:41 pm

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lol yaoi-is love, i don't think he's even entertained the thought of what would happen AFTER he wins shiratori's heart.... hahahaha <3

posted by cupEcake on February 19th, 2010, 12:47 pm

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Lol. Get over it HarUKE. Don't blame Shiratori coz you like being topped anyway. XD

posted by SamayoSukuichi on February 19th, 2010, 1:14 pm

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Will it be sweet revenge, ne Haru-chan? XD

posted by KSO on February 19th, 2010, 1:19 pm

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ROTFLMAO, so if it were Shiratori wearing a skirt it would be a normal dream for you, right, Haru?XDD Ohohohoho, don't worry, I fortunetell you mindblowing experiences as ukeXDDD

posted by zosiacchi on February 19th, 2010, 1:38 pm

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hahaha aww ~

poor haruharu ~
we all know u sneakyly like itt~ XD

posted by Reiki on February 19th, 2010, 2:28 pm

Oh goodness, Haru. ( Reply )

Of course you're so manly. The fact that you've been treating Shiratori like the man and acting like a giggly girl has absolutely nothing to do with this equation, nu uh. C:

posted by battybrain on February 19th, 2010, 2:33 pm

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he's just into kinky things. . . the next dream will involve leather *SHOT* ahem. . . anyways-- absolutely loving this so far :) can't wait to see more!

posted by Jyinxe on February 19th, 2010, 2:42 pm

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Hahaha! His face kills me! <XD

posted by Bree333888 on February 19th, 2010, 3:12 pm

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weird things, yes. But weird things that you WANT xD

posted by SomethingisAmisss on February 19th, 2010, 3:19 pm

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Hmm. Why don't you try to get this published? I know you said you used to be a shoujo artist. I mean, every time I mention this comic to a friend, I think of it as a manga I read, not an online comic.

posted by Risika13 on February 19th, 2010, 3:52 pm

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you can blame people for what happens in your dreams? that's an awesome concept

posted by B-Rated on February 19th, 2010, 4:19 pm

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LOL I bet that you didn't know that in your dreams you can control things so you can have tons and tons of cookies appers from no were

posted by The Boring Girl on February 19th, 2010, 5:10 pm

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What Amiss said o ` u'o

posted by Hershey-Morning on February 19th, 2010, 5:11 pm

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manliness? sorry Haru, but uh, well that went out the window with the sparkles and flowers...

love this *waits for update*

posted by LilliRyun on February 19th, 2010, 6:04 pm

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Ah, Haru, don't you know dreams are manifestations of your desires. Secretly you want to wear that skirt.

posted by Jazeki on February 19th, 2010, 6:37 pm

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I'm addicted to this comic ;3;

posted by hannie3000 on February 20th, 2010, 2:26 pm

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Why is he surprised? Shiratori wearing a skirt.. nyahha.

posted by yukaiHUNNY on February 20th, 2010, 8:47 pm

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this sooo good

posted by Guest on February 25th, 2010, 11:29 am

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